Most often than not, we get numerous complains from AC owners about their air conditioners making some strange and funny noises. Now if you are one of those wondering why your air conditioner is making some unusual loud noises; well just keep on reading because we are going to reveal to you why your air conditioner is making that strange noise in this article.

There are a number of reasons why your AC is making that unusual noise, and we are going to look at some of the below;

Your Air Conditioner Is Low On Freon

When the Freon level of your air conditioner drops to a certain level; your air conditioner will start groaning aloud. The reason for the loud groaning is because the AC is short of refrigerant, so it groans aloud to alert you that all isn’t well inside. So you must take action immediately you notice that your air conditioner is making some unusual loud noises each time you turn it on.

Freezing AC

Freezing AC is commonly caused by low Freon level. So if your unit is low on Freon, there is a tendency for the coil of your unit to freeze up from time to time.  Now if the coil of your AC is all frozen-up and you still went ahead to run it, the AC will start producing some unusual loud noises. So make sure you recharge the Freon of your unit the very moment you notice that the unit is constantly freezing up.

Your Air Conditioner Is Overdue For Servicing And Maintenance

If your air conditioner is overdue for servicing and maintenance, it tends to start making these loud noises while in operation. So if you notice that your air conditioner is making some strange sounds each time it is in operation, make sure you call in a professional air conditioning company to service and maintain the unit for you.


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