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Duct Sealing Boca Raton
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Duct Sealing in Boca Raton

What is Duct Sealing?
Duct sealing is the process of ensuring that your air ducts in your walls are allowing your ac unit to send conditioned air throughout your home. This is a critical process for your home air conditioning process. If you would like to see how critical this is, take a paper cup, poke holes in it and try to fill it with water and keep it full. You simply cannot. The water spills out of every hole and renders the cup a useless vessel. This is precisely what happens to your air ducts when they aren’t sealed properly. Your conditioned air- heated or cooled- leaks into your walls and not your home completely ruining your power bill, comfort level and forcing you to run your unit harder and longer.

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Poorly sealed ducts can also lead to insects and rodents in your air ducts which cause even worse conditions for your air ducts. This presents a whole new reason why duct sealing is important. Rodents in your ducts also reveal how your air ducts became damaged too. In that case, Air Conditioning Boca Raton also recommends the services of a professional exterminator.

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