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Commercial Duct Cleaning Boca Raton
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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Boca Raton

Air Conditioning Boca Raton feels just like you would maintain the indoor air quality of your home with nice and clean air, we’re sure you would also like the shopping malls, stores, doctors’ offices, and work places to have the same type of quality air. This is why commercial duct cleaning is HIGHLY recommended for commercial locations and commercial air conditioning systems and units. Airborne contaminants are everywhere especially in the places you least expect them.

In a commercial building, usually open to the public you have many different things happening throughout the day. Inventory coming in and out, clients, employees, deliveries- anything you can think of that comes in and out of a commercial building has air pollutants, and it all mixes in to the air we breathe. This is why most people get sick with a cold and the flu.

According to the American Lung Association, “poor indoor quality air is the major cause of the days missed from work or school”. Commercial duct cleaning is always an intensive cleaning. We start at the point where the air enters the system and go all the way to the point it exits through the duct exhaust system. This also includes all grills and registers. We use a high powered commercial unit HEPA vacuum and connect to every duct making sure it collects all loose dirt and debris. Then depending on the material in which ducts are made from, determine whether a rotor brush cleaning system should be used to eliminate and clean the duct system thoroughly.

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Some ducts are made up of fiber glass. Paper like materials which the rotor brush will rip through if not used properly. In most cases if the duct is fiber glass, the rotor brush will not be used. 9 out of 10 commercial places use metal duct systems to distribute airflow evenly. With metal ducts, a rotor brush can be used to get the best effective clean possible. Also, all the components of the fan must be thoroughly cleaned. All grills, heat exchangers, diffusers and any other parts that air flows through also need to be cleaned. The main thing is, all the drains must be properly drained out to get a complete cleaning.

In some cases the Air Conditioning Boca Raton technician will ask if you would like to coat the duct with a chemical cleaner or sealer in order to prevent mold regrowth. It is a good idea, but remember where there are chemicals, there will be fumes so see if it is a good fit for your commercial building or not.

The benefits of having it done, is that it will improve the air flow allowing the system to run more efficiently and reduce fires, as well as control airborne infectious contaminants. Also, a technician can advise you of any potential problems such as mold spores caused from moisture locked in the ducts from not having it cleaned. But the ultimate reason to have it cleaned is the dust, pollen, skin cells and airborne infections will all just be recirculating in your system if you don’t have it cleaned.

Just like you like your home to be clean and healthy, you can do the same for a commercial building.

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