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Residential AC Installation in Boca Raton

Installing a new air conditioning unit this year? Air Conditioning Boca Raton is your community’s leader in residential AC installation!

NEW! Online customers get a free 29 point inspection of their new AC unit upon installation! Online customers ONLY!!!

When installing a new AC unit, a few finer points to consider are:

  • How are you going to dispose of your previous unit?
  • Do you have an outdoor condenser pad to sit your new unit on?
  • Do you have replacement tie downs and clips so your new unit sits securely and safely on your condenser pad?

Air Conditioning Boca Raton takes care of all of this- just for you- just because! Our customer service is top notch and our professionally trained technicians will ensure that your new unit is safe for the weather and years of service to come. We ensure your new unit has a proper drainage area and that the freon in your system is both well supplied and not leaking.

Often, residential AC installations can go horrid. The technician can damage parts when moving the unit off of the truck, the unit could be faulty from the manufacturer or even parts missing from inside the unit itself. We check all of our stock units prior to delivery to your home and give you a 2 year guarantee on the work done on your new AC unit installation.

No need to thank us for our passion, your reviews on Yelp and Consumer Affairs magazine have been plenty! Thank you Boca Raton for getting the word out about us!

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