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Commercial AC Installation in Boca Raton

Air Conditioning Boca Raton serves more than just our residential community- we are also long time commercial servicemen who care about the air we all breathe no matter where we are. Commercial AC installation is a huge job though. We are certified and state recommended to bring clean and healthy air to your business.

Business owners: building a new location? We work PERFECTLY with your contractor and have special online incentives for you! Contact us today!

The toughest part about commercial AC installation- especially in Boca Raton- is where do you put the giant unit? Most of our clients prefer rooftop installation opposed to what we call “sidewalk” installation for their new units. This way, the lines can be fed directly into the place of business where most of the air ducts already are. It also provides a great gravity well for drainage- which means your unit works less to get rid of the refuse water.

Other benefits are our rooftop AC pad installation where we make a special pad area to sit your unit. We tie it down with clips and other fasteners to ensure your unit weathers the often strong winds and rains in our community.

Air Conditioning Boca Raton has been serving residential customers since 1973 and commercial clients since 1975. Thanks to our 40+ years of service to our community, we are rated #1 in South Florida and have a coveted 5-star rating on Yelp!- the only AC company to do this in all of South Florida!

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