In this article, we are going to draw the line between AC repairs and AC replacement. The truth is that most AC owners can’t tell the difference between when their AC is in need of repairs, and when their air conditioner needs to be replaced; that is why we want to use this opportunity to educate all our site visitors on how to be able to tell when an AC is in need of repairs or needs to be replaced.

AC Problems That Calls For AC Repair Service

Freon Leak

As an AC owner, you don’t have to replace your AC simply because it is leaking Freon, rather you are to call in an expert or professional to check the AC and fix the problem. So Freon leakage is not an adverse AC problem that will call for AC replacement, but rather it is a problem that AC repair can successfully solve.

Clogged Drain

Just like Freon leak above, a clogged drain line is not reason enough to abandon your AC and get a new one. So if the drain line of your air conditioner is clogged, simply call in an expert to unclog the drain line of your air conditioner; that’s if you can’t unclog the drain line yourself.   

Clogged Duct Or Vent

If the duct or vent of your air conditioning unit is clogged, that doesn’t mean that your AC is bad and needs to be replaced. What you are supposed to do is to call in a professional to thoroughly sanitize the duct and vent systems of your unit.

AC Problems That Calls For AC Replacement Service

Outdated Parts

If the parts of your AC are no longer in the market, it means that it will be extremely difficult to be able to fix your unit when it breaks down. Now in such a situation, AC replacement is inevitable.

Old Age

When your unit age to certain level, it will no longer respond to repairs. At this point, it is safe to say that the AC has outlived its useful lifespan.

Total Damage

When it comes to a point when repairs can’t savage your unit any longer, then it is time to go shopping for a replacement.

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