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Fixing a leaky A/C

AC leaking is not a pleasant thing at all. And if the leakage is not addressed on time, it might even damage the AC. So do not turn a blind eye when you notice that your AC is leaking water. You also stand a risk of getting electrocuted, should any part of your body come in contact with your AC that is leaking water.

Now the question is how do you address the problem of AC leaking? Well as easy as it may sound, solving the problem of leaking AC requires expertise. You must first of all find out what is making water to come out from the AC, before you can even begin to look for a way to fix or stop the leaking.

Now here is a do it yourself guide on how to fix AC leaking;

Step 1 – Disconnect The AC From The Power Source

This is the first and most important step when fixing AC leaking. Make sure you completely unplug the AC from the power source before you proceed to do anything else.

Step 2 – Open The AC Casing

After unplugging the unit from the power source, get the right tools and open the casing of the AC. Make sure you unscrew every nut and bolt thoroughly before attempting to separate the AC casing. If some nuts or bolts are still fastened to the casing and you attempt to separate the AC casing, you might damage the casing in the process.

Step 3 – Now Inspect The Inside

Now that have successfully opened up the system of the AC, it is now time to inspect the unit and ascertain what is responsible for the leaking of water.

Step 4 – Remove Anything That Is Blocking The Drain Pipe Of The AC

After inspecting and fixing anything you suspect to be responsible for the AC leaking, it is now time to also sanitize the AC drain system. Remove every obstacle that is preventing the drain pipe from draining water off your AC unit.

Step 5 – Clean The AC Coil And Couple Back The AC Casing

Haven done all the necessary sanitation and fixing, now carefully clean the AC coil. This will help to reduce the effect of the leaking on the AC coil. When you are done cleaning the AC coil, carefully couple back the AC casing, and tighten all the nuts and bolts properly. Ensure that the casing is tightened properly because if the casing is not tightened well, it can also lead to AC leaking.

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