Hello there! Today we are going to go over a few fine points with you regarding your air conditioning unit during the holiday season in South Florida. Despite what you may think, there are still a few things to consider even if you aren’t using your home’s air conditioning at the moment. During the winter months, the air outside cools down and many South Florida residents stop using their ac units as much if at all. This however does not mean that you should neglect it. We have had many calls from residents at the start of spring with horrifying stories of finding microbial growth, debris, mildew and even dead animals in their air ducts.’
Many residents procrastinate air conditioning maintenance until the start of spring or summer during the height of business for our company. Many of these maintenance issues were pre-existing conditions in their homes for several months. To ensure proper function and stability for your unit we recommend during the holiday season:

  • Duct Cleaning – many of you will have family over for the holidays and clean, healthy air helps to prevent the spread of bacteria, airborne infections, skin mites and other micro-organisms. For the safety of your holiday family guests, do not neglect something so important.
  • AC Unit Checkup – often times, residents neglect their air conditioning units when they are not in use. When your unit goes for a prolonged period of time without use, hoses and cables may turn faulty. This holiday season like previous years, promises to be warm with a few cooler days sprinkled throughout the coming months. When was the last time you checked the freon hoses in your unit? Over the years since, have you noticed a steady rise in your power bill and a steady decrease in air conditioning unit efficiency? This is only 1 part of many we check up on when we are called to your home.
  • Preventative Maintenance – as we mentioned above, there may be issues with your air conditioning unit you may not even be totally aware of. Increasing power bills and declining unit efficiency may be the warning signs of a larger problem. This holiday season, relax stress free knowing our professionally accredited technicians have thoroughly checked your unit, ensuring all of your unit’s hoses, wires, cables, freon and other parts are running efficiently and smoothly.

As a general rule, we recommend duct cleaning at least twice a year (about every 6 months), an AC unit checkup once every 4 months, and preventative maintenance has best results when completed bi-monthly. This will ensure proper running conditions and power efficiency year round in addition to saving you money on costly repairs, monthly power bills and leave one less thing out of your already stressful life.
This holiday season, our family wishes you and yours a wonderful, safe and healthy holiday! Thanks for making us the best AC company in South Florida since 1973!

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