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XC16 Multi-Stage Air Conditioner Elite® Series

XC16 Multi-Stage Air Conditioner Elite® Series Image

The Lennox Elite Series is a line that does very well in consumer air conditioner reviews, and the Dave Lennox Elite Series XC16 central air conditioner is a prime example why.  It offers outstanding efficiency while not costing as much as the highest-efficiency models in this line or in the Lennox Signature line – a good balance of value and operational cost savings.  This unit will reduce cooling costs in any home where it replaces an older model.  It is a popular unit in warmer areas where the air conditioner gets a serious workout  from spring to fall.  We continue our Dave Lennox Elite Series XC16 central air conditioner review by looking at the top features you can compare to other  models you are considering.

  • 17.2 SEER is Energy Star qualified and may be eligible for utility company rebates or tax credits.
  • Efficient single-stage scroll compressor.
  • R-410A refrigerant that will not harm the environment.
  • Sound-dampening features limit noise to just 74db or less.
  • Humiditrol advanced humidity system is an option.
  • Durable steel cabinet is powder-coated to be chip-resistant and corrosion-resistant.